Table Thai Massage

Feel Deeply Relaxed and Wonderfully Stretched

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Whole Body sixty minutes Table Thai minute detox
Massage £60-00

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Thai massage

Table Thai Massage at Mindful Touch

This unique treatment is a fusion of the ancient Eastern healing art of Thai massage. It combines acupressure, reflexology and assisted yoga stretches with the comfort and control of Western table massage.

Thai massage utilises energy lines called Sen lines, by applying pressure to specific points of your body, opening these channels and improving energy flow throughout your body.

Table Thai utilises dynamic flowing movements, joint manipulation, rhythmic stretching, palming, and precisely placed pressure. These movements ease tense and contracted muscles leaving you relaxed yet invigorated. The smooth transitions and gracefully dance like rhythmic movements lead to a deeply relaxing massage.

Thai stretching legs

Utilising the massage table allows increased comfort and controlled movement. The table aids accessibility for a wide range of ages and mobility making Table Thai suitable for most people.

Before the massage begins a short consultation is done to discover your expectations, flexibility and desired pressure. We also chat a little during your massage to ensure you are feeling comfortable and stretched, it's my priority to ensure you're enjoying the massage.

What to wear
Table Thai is most commonly performed clothed so please wear loose-fitting or athletic clothing. Stretchy leggins and t-shirt are ideal. Try to avoid thick tight clothing especially jeans because they can cause discomfort and limit the range of motion during the massage.

The clothed nature of Table Thai make it particularly suitable for the workplace, corporate settings, retreats, sports events or parties. For more information on events please contact me directly.

Thai flexing leg

Table Thai is great for :

Releasing tense muscles and offering pain relief
Freeing blocked energy flow
Increasing physical and mental energy
Improved flexibility and range of motion
Enhanced mobility, posture and alignment
Relief from back pain, sciatica and headaches
Creating space between vertebrae
Complementing Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatment
Deep relaxation and energising.

Thai spirus erectors