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A Special Healing Space

A beautiful and natural healing space.

In 2018 my son and I designed and built this bespoke Shepherd's Hut.

Lined with wood boards if offers a very special and well loved space for your massage. Its well insulated, warm and cosy the room is large enough to comfortably move around in. If you need to bring a friend or child there is enough space for them too.

outside room

inside room

Parking and Access

Free parking, gentle walk.

There is a parking space for you at the entrance of the gate just off the road or Some clients prefer to park on the lane verge or on-road parking spaces. No liability can be accepted for damage to your car while in any location.

car parking

access drive

Access to my healing space is via a rough stone track approximately 100meters long and this can be muddy and slippery. There are also a couple of steps to enter the Shepherd's Hut.
Sturdy shoes or boots with good grips and a coat are recommended in inclement weather. Most people find this short walk an ideal opportunity to relax into their healing experience.

If you have moderate or severe mobility issues, please contact me as this location may not be suitable for you.

More about Ross

Head and Shoulders

What qualifications do you have to massage me?

I have the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage. This is the fully accredited qualification with all of the professional bodies and insurance companies. The qualification took me 12 months to complete and involved 10 anatomy and physiology assignments, one formal exam with units on both alternative therapies and professional conduct as well as the practical elements. The qualification requires a minimum of 36 treatments be performed, recorded and assessed many being directly under the watchful eye of expert therapist Yvonne Potter and one examined by an external ITEC examiner. This is a comprehensive professional international qualification accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, be sure to check the credentials of your therapist before trusting them.

You say you are an experienced meditator, what does that mean?

I have regularly meditated for as long as I can remember, definatly since a teenager so that's at least 30 years. My mother was a very successful dog trainer and taught me from a young age about the power of visualization, positive affirmation and active relaxation. More recently I have been curious about mindfulness and buddhism and my meditation style has subtly changed to a more regular zan zen style. The most rewarding mediation I have performed in the last few years is the body scan meditation and this is what I would like to share with you during our treatment sessions. The body scan reconnects mind, body and soul in a natural and organic way. Every time the body scan meditation is performed a deeper understanding and integration between mind and body develops. However this does not mean I'm good at meditating just persistent, often my thinking mind get distracted, if there was a meditation competition I think I would probably come last.

So you have had your 40th Birthday, what have you been doing until now?

A couple of jobs, firstly I've been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over twenty years and secondly I'm a qualified college and university lecturer. I could go into great detail about how successful I've been in these roles, but I'm not sure you're really interested. Suffice to say these jobs have taught me compassion, patience, respect for life and a strong belief in equality.

What drew you to massage therapy?

Massage therapy works. It has a strong basis in science yet heals holistically at a spiritual level too. Massage therapy is hands on healing and utilises my highly developed dexterity and palpation skills. Massage therapy involves communicating with people a skill I have practiced extensively as a teacher. Massage therapy is about helping others, which is what I believe we are born for and what I've tried to devote my life too. I genuinely enjoy massaging people and clients say this is apparent in my treatments.

Are you a Buddhist?

I believe in most of the Buddhist teachings and think their philosophy makes good sense. I try to live by the precepts but have not formally taken them. So no I am not a Buddhist but who knows what will happen in the future.

I thought most massage therapists were female.

I wondered about this myself to start with. However there is a higher percentage of male massage therapists than veterinary nurses so decided to pursue the qualification anyway. It transpired that just under half of my course were male so it's not that uncommon amongst fully trained therapists. I think the vast majority of spa therapists are female but maybe this will change in the future.

Do you have a wife and family?

Yes, I guess knowing a bit about my family helps you find out a bit more about me. I am not going to go into lots of details because this is the internet after all. I have been happily married to Jo for 18 years and we have two children a thirteen year old daughter and ten year old son. We all live together in a kind of messy harmony here in Cropredy.

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Knowing what to expect, gives you the confidence to relax.

Client consultation

Massage therapy is more than a moment, it is a journey.

I aspire to make this journey a delight from first click, during your treatment and beyond to a healthier happier future.

To ensure you get the best from this healing experience, it's vital you should feel relaxed and look forward to meeting me without a moment's apprehension. The resources, photos and information on this site aim to inform and inspire, however if after exploring your still unsure, why not try a short treatment first?

Once you've booked your appointment, you will receive a personal email or text for me within 48 hours confirming the arrangements. I will also send you a SMS message the day prior to your appointment as a reminder. Please remember there is a late cancellation fee.

It's really helpful if you complete the Massage Wellness Questionnaire prior to your appointment. There are a few medical conditions needing special arrangements to be made before your treatment commences. The information you provide ensures I can tailor your visit to your wishes.
Some people come simply to relax their mind and body for a while, whilst others have physical or emotional pain to work through. Completing the Massage Wellness Questionnaire prior to coming increases the hands on healing time.

One your booking is completed you will also receive information regarding the treatment room we are going to use, the address and parking arrangements. There is not a waiting room, however I will personally meet and welcome you at the gate and lead you to the room. It's a rural location so please be sure to bring your coat and boots.

I will then guide to our peaceful room where a comfortable massage table dressed with a warming blanket and super comfy, fleecy sheets await your relaxation. Gentle music will be playing and the room is sensitively scented with essential oils. Step inside away from the stresses of life for a while and enjoy the break.

We will take this opportunity to discuss your expectations and requirements, and I will answer any queries you might have. I will ask you to alert me, at any time during the session, if a technique or stroke is uncomfortable. If your want to move to another part of your body or finish the massage altogether just let me know. Remember it's my pledge to treat every client with respect and tenderness remaining present and non judgmental throughout, you're in safe hands.

I will then leave the room and wait outside for you to undress to your level of comfort. I need to treat your muscles completely from each attachment point. To do this effectively undress as much as you feel comfortable to do so. You will always be modestly draped with only the area being massaged will be undraped. Regardless of how much clothing you choose to remove, you will never be naked in the room with me.

From here onwards, all you need to do is to relax and let me do the work. To gain the most from your session I will be identifying any tension or knots and releasing as much as possible. I will check the pressure used with you, some people like a light touch others want a deeper firmer massage. Mmms and aaarghs and wonderful encouragement helping me identify what your enjoying and to provide you with a fabulous treatment.

Generally, conversation is kept to a minimum. We intuitively know when our therapist is giving us their undivided, pure presence. My ability to be truly present throughout your massage is what makes Mindful Touch Massage special. It enables you, also to be present in your body. So to maximise the benefit of your session, please keep chatter to a minimum.

Occasionally, an emotional response to massage occurs. If this happens, it is ok to express your feelings in my safe, nonjudgmental environment. The discussion between us is always confidential. Often the pain we experience is actually internalised unrecognised trapped emotion, recognising the physical effects negative emotion is a giant leap towards healing.

Towards the end of the massage, I usually say a few words wishing you health and happiness. These are adapted from a Loving Kindness meditation. Most people love these kind wishes, if you feel uncomfortable I can just leave them out, that's fine too. Once I've checked you are still awake and grounded I will leave you to get dressed in private.

There is a bell to ring when you're ready for me to come back in so no need to rush. Each session includes a 5 minute pre-interview and 5 minutes at the end for us to discuss how the treatment when. During this time I will give you some advice on looking after yourself after the massage and ask you to give me some feedback.

Before you leave please pay and we can book your next appointment too.


Mindful Massage, a bit different

Pure presence, undivided attention

Although most professional therapists are mindful and attentive to some extent and certainly many have been qualified longer than me. This not true of everyone offering massages.

My pledge to you is to be truly present throughout your massage, giving you my undivided attention.

My dedication to daily meditation has taught me to gently slip into a mindful state and focus my pure awareness through my hands receiving the subtle information from your tissues. This pure awareness is the difference you will notice.
Indeed the opportunity for me to be mindful throughout your treatment is one of my primary reasons I'm doing this.

During the massage conversation is kept to a minimum. The strokes applied are slow firm and deliberate which allows you to follow the movement of my hands. This facilitates a truly mindful experience, in which you can gain the maximum healing potential from your session.
If you wish, I can guide you through a body scan meditation after your massage and this is an ideal time to ground yourself.

At the end of the massage I usually say a few wishes of good intention, in the form of a loving kindness mantra, to round off your treatment.

The synergy between all these elements is what makes Mindful Touch Massage special, but it's something you need to experience, to really appreciate so please go ahead and book an appointment.

Banbury Takeover

Draping Options

Dedicated to Comfort and Respect

Standard Draping
Only the area currently being massaged is uncovered. This draping option maintains complete modesty throughout your massage.

Temple draping
This is used for Lomi Lomi but can also be adopted for any massage. A small drape is placed over your groin and ladies breasts to maintain your modesty.

Minimal drapes are used

Free-from Drapes
Undress to your level of comfort and enjoy the breeze from the fan to give you that beach holiday feeling, right here in Cropredy.

No drapes required

Standard draping will be adopted unless you ask otherwise.

Terms and Conditions

Working Together for Our Mutual Benefit

Open and Clear Communication Both the client and Ross White agree to use open, clear and respectful communication throughout the treatment. If there is anything either party feels unhappy about or they deem inappropriate this must be clearly vocalised immediately.

Late Arrival Policy Lateness results in your session being shortened in order to keep on schedule for my next clients appointment. The original service time will be charged.

Cancellation, rescheduling or non attendance A minimum 48 hours notice is required when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. You are liable for the agreed fees if less than 48 hours notice is given by sms or email. Massage vouchers will be void in lieu of payment when appropriate. Out of respect and consideration for Ross White and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, I will determine if there is enough time remaining to start treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be charged for the "full" session.

Fees and Refunds To secure an appointment a minimum, non-refundable fee of £15, is required. This will be deducted from the cost of your treatment after your appointment. In the event of cancelation, rescheduling or failure to attend, £15 will be deducted from any refund.
It is assumed that you will re-book, and the remaining balance will be used for future fees, unless you specifically reques a refund.
In the event of non-attendance or *late cancellation the balance will also be withheld. (*within 48 hours of your appointment time (notification must be via text or email.))
Any money held by Ross White will be removed from your account twelve months after your last visit, without notification.

Sickness In an effort to maintain a healthy environment, I ask that if you are sick (which includes a cold, a fever, the flu, etc.) or have the onset of symptoms of an illness that you reschedule your appointment. If you arrive for your appointment with symptoms of an illness, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. This is for your well being as well as the health of Ross and other clients.

Payment Cash or card payment is required at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Massage vouchers can be exchanged for services equal to their face value.

Wellness Questionnaire This questionnaire must be completed prior to commencement of your massage. The conditions contraindicating treatment section must be completed to the best of your knowledge. If medical permission has not be sought then you will be required to sign a medical disclaimer form instead. By clicking the agree button on the Wellness Questionnaire your are digitally signing this form and agreeing to the terms and conditions stated here and on the questionnaire.

Inappropriate Ross has the right to terminate a treatment immediately if the client demonstrates inappropriate or sexual behavior. This includes advertently sexual or intimidating language

Massage Vouchers Vouchers issued by Mindful Touch Massage can be exchanged for treatments of an equal time as stated on the voucher. Vouchers can be gifted to another person and will still be honored by Mindful Touch Massage, each vouchers has a unique recorded number and an expiry date. Vouchers may not be refunded for money.

Liability for Personal Property No liability is taken for any damage to property including your vehicle whilst on the premises. If you choose to park in the gateway please understand this is done entirely at your own risk and no liability can be accepted by Ross White or the owners of this land. The validity of your car insurance whilst parked is your own responsibility.

Complaints Procedure If a client wishes to make a complaint about Ross White or the service received, this must be emailed to Complaints must include the date and location of the incident, the full name and address of the complainant, details of the complaint and a desired outcome following the complaint. All complaints will be taken very seriously and a response will be provided within 28 days. If the complaint can not be satisfactorily resolved, then it should be referred to Ross Whites professional body. Currently this body is the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

your data

Mindful Touch Massage aspires to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Privacy Notice
Mindful Touch Massage (MTM) collects data from current, previous and potential clients to aid the provision of excellent massage therapy. The intention is that data is collected, stored and processed sensitively and in a way not to cause objection or complaint.

The effect of data collection on the client is intended to be positive with data processing facilitating seamless service and improved client satisfaction. This is a young business and if you, the client has any feedback on the protocol stated below please do let me know in order to improve the client experience.

Who is making this data request.
Ross White (RW) owner of Mindful Touch Massage, Narrowboat Hedgehog, Appletree Lane Cropredy, Oxfordshire, OX17 1PZ

Who is the data controller?
RW of the above address.

Before your massage you will be required to complete the Wellness Questionnaire. This is preferably completed online, but can be done at the time of your appointment. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) who provide my insurance cover require this to be completed and you will be asked to sign a paper copy at the time of your appointment. The following information is requested:

This is required to help identify your information but also as a matter of politeness to enable RW to address you correctly. Failure to supply your correct name in full will void protection offered by the FHT.

Email address.
This is required to aid professional communication. You will be sent details of directions and other information prior to your appointment. Email is also used periodically to remind you of expiring vouchers and other promotions. Mindful Touch Massage also offers a monthly newsletter. This is currently managed through MailChimp and unsubscription is easy.

Mobile phone number.
Your mobile phone number is necessary to quickly and effectively communicate information regarding your appointment. If cancellation of your appointment is required this will be done by phone. Confirmation of your booking and a reminded prior to your appointment will be sent by text message.

I will request your permission to call you before your first appointment to properly introduce myself and answer any questions you might have. You will also receive a courtesy message on the day after your massage checking how you are. You may also receive a text message one week, one month and three months after your appointment. Some clients will also receive a birthday greeting by text message, or at other times deemed appropriate.

Postal Address.
Again, this is required to help identify your records. You may receive a birthday greeting card from Mindful Touch Massage and occasionally other promotional material. Postal address is also required by the FHT.

Date of Birth.
It is important that I know your age prior to your appointment. I do not normally see people under the age of 18 and then, only when their parent or guardian is present. Collecting your date of birth is a requirement of the FHT. Some clients will also receive a birthday greeting card.

Have you had a professional massage before?
It is helpful to know if you have had a massage before to help me assess your experience and firmness of the massage you request.

Where are you experiencing tension, stiffness, pain or other discomfort that you would like me to work on?
It is necessary to know the body part that is causing discomfort to help prepare and assess the suitability of massage.

Please describe your primary goals for this massage session?
I need to assess your expectations and goals for the massage. During the initial consultation we will discuss your expectations and goals and ensure they are achievable.

Conditions requiring medical permission.
Massage is contraindicated with some conditions. Other conditions require permission from a medical practitioner. It very important I should know if you have one of these conditions prior to commencing your massage. In cases where either verbal or written permission from a medical practitioner has not been sought your massage may not be able to proceed.

GP Name and Practice.
In cases where medical permission needs to be sought, you will normally be requested to seek permission either verbally or in writing. In some cases I retain the right to contact your GP directly.

Conditions that restrict treatment and other conditions that you think I should be aware of.
There are only a few conditions that are contraindicated by massage. However, there are various that require the treatment to be adapted. The form lists several common examples and it's important that I should be aware of these prior to your massage.

How did you hear about mindful touch Massage.
This information is requested and collected to help evaluate how the business is advertised.

Information recorded on the aftercare sheet.
After your message I will complete an aftercare advice sheet. You will be asked to provide some feedback on the massage and how you are feeling. This is recorded on the aftercare sheet alongside my notes and areas of concern. The original of this form is retained by yourself and a digital copy is kept on file.

Verbal discussions.
Notes on verbal communication may be made and retained. The relevance of these notes is assessed by RW and might include comments pertaining to occupation, family circumstance and general well being. These notes are made to ensure good communication and positively promote excellent client care. By making RW aware of the larger context of your visit ensures professional and sensitive communication. Copies of text messages and other written communication. Brief notes and transcripts from these communications are kept to help maintain continuity of communication.

Social Media.
Social media is used alongside the business. RW will use social media to promote the business and increase client engagement. The data you provide through social media is controlled by that application and RW is in no way responsible.

Sharing and disclosure of data collected by Mindful touch Massage.
In the unlikely event of complaint or claim the information collected by Mindful Touch Massage will be shared with The Federation of Holistic Therapists and their underwriters currently Hiscox Insurance. Other than FHT and Hiscox data will not be shared with third parties except under the conditions described below:

If RW believes that you, the client, is at significant risk of serious harm or are likely to cause serious harm to others.

If you the client disclose illegal or criminal activity to RW, either intended or accidental.

If RW is directed to disclose the information by any official having a legal power to order disclosure.

If RW feels threatened, intimidated or harassed in any way by a client's behaviour.

If, upon seeking the advice of the FHT, RW is advised that disclosure should be made in the public interest. In a case where disclosure is deemed necessary the client will be informed of the extent of the information to be disclosed, the reason for the disclosure, and the likely consequence of disclosure. RW will record in writing the reasons for such disclosure.

Sharing of digital communication
In cases where you leave a review or other comments on the internet, this may be freely shared on other platforms. Other communication notably text messages will only be shared where explicit permission has been gained and the content anonymised.

Storage and Processing of Digital Information.
Digital files are stored on an external server, access to this server is password protected and the company periodically backs up the data. The software to process this data is developed by RW and access is password protected.

Other Applications Used.
Your information is stored and processed using a couple reputable applications:
Google Contacts
Google Calendar
Mail Chimp

The period of which the data will be stored.
Data will be stored for a minimum of 10 years after your last appointment as required by the FHT. In the unusual circumstances of the client being under 18 years of age then the ten years commences from the date of their 18th birthday.

Your right to access, rectify or erase the data held by Mindful Touch Massage.
During each visit you will be requested to check the health and contact details collected during initial registration for accuracy. If these are not correct please notify me.
If you wish to access additional notes made by RW then please request these in writing together with an A4 self addressed envelope and adequate postage attached. Your notes will be printed and posted within seven working days of the request.
In cases where incorrect or irrelevant information is stored please notify me in writing and this can be discussed and rectified if appropriate.

Erasure of data and withdrawal of consent to process the data.
Mindful Touch Massage is required by FHT to be retained for ten years if after this period the client wishes it to be erased this can be done without due delay. However before ten years data can not be completely erased. However a client can withdraw permission for the data to be processed and under this circumstance records will be printed and safely archived for the remaining ten year period. Printing, archiving and deleting digital records will be completed within seven working days of the withdrawal of processing request.

Your right to make a complaint regarding the collection and processing of data.
In cases where you believe Mindful Touch Massage has not adhered to the above policy statement and you are dissatisfied with the service received, in the first instance please contact RW. If he does not satisfactorily rectify the situation you may complain in writing to the following organisations:

Federation of Holistic Therapists 18 Shakespeare Business Centre, Hathaway Close, Eastleigh SO50 4SR

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF