Reiki Energy Healing

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Reiki Energy Healing

Forty Five Minutes
Healing £40-00

Fifteen minute Reiki
Distance £10-00

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Reiki Energy Healing at Mindful Touch Massage
Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive treatment, developed in Japan with Buddhist origins. It works through channeling positive energy through your body.

During a Reiki session we work on re-balancing the body as a whole to bring harmony and healing as your body takes in the energy where needed most. It’s not necessary to direct the healing to a specific body part, the healing energy will know where it's required.

Reiki may :
Create a deep relaxation, assisting in releasing stress and tension
Accelerate our natural self-healing abilities
Enhance your sleep
Reduce blood pressure
Relieve pain
Remove energy blockages by promoting natural balance and harmony
Promote a healthy immune system
Release blocked emotions
Encourage spiritual awareness and consciousness

What to wear for your reiki session. You will remain fully clothed during your Reiki session. It is usual to remove your shoes and be covered with one of my fleecy blankets.
Reiki is usually given with you lying on the massage couch, however if it's easier we can use a chair or you may even wish to lie on the floor.
Typically a Reiki visit lasts for an hour and we will talk a little before and after your reiki with the reiki-giving lasting 45mins.
At the beginning of your Reiki session I will lead you through a brief grounding meditation. During this time I will ask you to visualize light emanating from your feet and sinking deep into the cool earth below. Most people really enjoy this meditation, however if you find it difficult to visualize things, don't worry just relax and listen to my words.

Reiki Tree

The five ancient principles of Reiki.
At the beginning of your reiki I will also recite a version of the five ancient principles of Reiki.

Just for today let go of worry
Just for today let go of anger
Just for today give thanks for many blessings
Just for today work honestly
Just for today be kind to all living things

Light, powerful touch
During the session there will be some parts where I place my hands on you. Other times I will hold my hands just above you. You may well feel the Reiki energy and be especially aware of your aura during the session. You may also feel nothing. Reiki energy does not discriminate it's healing power and it’s effects may not be immediately apparent and heal in ways that you do not anticipate.

After the session you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, sometimes people also feel emotional or even elated. There will be time to discuss how you found the session before the grounding walk back to your car.

Most people will want to make another appointment and this can be done either at the end of your session or at a later time.

Chakra Energy Healing

Distance Reiki Healing
I also offer distance or remote Reiki healing. Prior to these sessions we arrange a mutually convenient time for me to send, and you to receive Reiki energy.

It's helpful if you can send me a recent photo of yourself. This helps me visualise you during your session. Now you relax and sit quietly somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and try and be present in your body.

At the end of the session it's nice to check in again to see how you found the experience.

Chakras and Reiki
Most of the Eastern healing modalities share the knowledge of life-giving energy. This energy flows through everyone and everything, every moment of the day.

These ancient disciplines understand the importance of light centres, or chakras. They all recognise exactly the same chakra positions and the corresponding colours, emotions, and vibrational sequences upon which these chakras resonate.

The chakras are energy portals that are instrumental in healing, as they manifest the life-giving energy into the physical body.

Chakras can be visualized as orbs of light that resonate to the different colours of the spectrum. They exist within our very being.
During a Reiki session I will work with each of the main chakras in turn. Some you will be very aware of and others you may not feel at all.

A 45 minute Reiki Healing session is £40
A 15 minute Distance Reiki Healing session is £10

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